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Whimsical Romantic


If there’s a chance, there’s hope. If there’s hope, there’s love. If there’s love, there is happiness. If there’s happiness, there’s life. ~ Elizabeth Picardal


Positivity Makes A Difference

Do you know your day is even better if you start with positivity?
So smile, be happy, be optimistic and be positive! Good day and God Bless!


Motivational Quotes

Persistence is vital to solve any problem in life. Never shy away from any problem of life, no matter how tough it may be. Take it up as a challenge and work towards it. Then alone, can you succeed.

The small little secret about life is, if you believe in something you can actually make it come true. One gets out of life, only what one truly believes in. Hence always think positive, you will surely be successful.

Life is like a mixture of success and failure. People who are really successful in life, also have experienced their share of failures. It is just that instead of remembering the failed times, they just concentrate on their success. It is important to learn from your failures and move on.



Friendship is…


How To Live Life to Fullest?



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