Blast from the Past: Ormoc Tragedy 1991

Ormoc Tropical Storm

On the morning of November 5, 1991, the rain started pouring and the power was gone due to the tropical storm Thelma (local name  Uring).  Me with my mother and my brother just stayed put in our house which is situated at a hillside at Camp Downes, Ormoc City.

At about 10:00 a.m., the water could have risen so high so fast. Our house back then was made up of light materials that could easily gave-up. We decided to vacate the house. My mother immediately packed up necessary things. We waited until the rain would calm and water will recede but to no avail. As the rain continues to fall so hard, we moved out and went to our neighbor’s house.

It was 2:00pm when we learned that the whole city was drowned and was almost covered by mud. Water from a heavy rainfall roared down from the nearby hills carrying logs and uprooted trees, and engulfed the entire city.

By late afternoon, the water had receded but the electricity wasn’t back. After a few hours, there are hundreds of dead bodies found. Most of the bodies were recovered in the muddy city and in the coastal area. The putrid smell was all over and unbearable.

Dead people lying on muddy streets of Ormoc

The bayanihan spirit prevailed during this difficult time. Assistance from different units, agencies, companies, countrymen and people from all over the world poured in. This includes  relief goods, food, gasoline, clothing, etc.

People are waiting for relief goods and assistance

Months after the tragedy, bodies were still being recovered here and there. Approximately 4,000 recorded deaths, 3,000 were missing, 14,000 destroyed houses and more than P600 million worth of damaged property.

Let’s commemorate the 20th  year anniversary of Ormoc tragedy this November 5, 2011.


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  1. so tragic…let us pray this won’t happen again

  2. Hmm…Glad you were not part of those who died..Such a tragic scene that might be

  3. unfortunately it was happened again due to Yolanda 😦

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