Past Love

I’m feeling cold, all alone and depressed,

I have loved, trust and been betrayed.

Where would I be without that guy?

Whom I truly loved but made me cry.

I thought sweetness would last forever,

For he made promises and then swear.

But yesterday will always disappear,

And for all I know we can’t be together.

To face tomorrow is not what I care,

For today I don’t know where to stare.

Because the memories are still there,

And all that happened are still clear.

All I should do is forget that guy,

Remembering him would make me cry.

I just hope and will always believe,

That there’s someone, the one I deserve.

I made this poem when I was a 2nd year college student. It makes me remember the guy, but I don’t remember the feeling anymore.


About PrettyGee

Gee is a gal from Philippines who’s so girly. She is a typical blogger, a frustrated photographer, an aspiring designer, a traveler and a dreamer. Let her take you to her colorful and zesty world as she randomly unravels her feats, interests, passions, and dreams in life :-)

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