Lines from “The Mistress” Movie

The Mistress movie is a 2012 Philippine romantic melodrama which stars Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz.

The story is about a young woman (Rosario “Sari” Alfonso/Bea Alonzo) who is torn between the affections of her two lovers. One is a young bachelor who brings passion into her life (Eric “JD” Torres/John Lloyd Cruz). The other is a married man who has kept her as his mistress for years (Rico Torres/Ronaldo Valdez).

Here are some quotes/lines in this movie, in case you’re looking for one:

“Alam mo kung ano ang kaya kong gawin na hindi kaya ng Mr. Thursday mo. Kaya kitang pakasalan. Sa akin, wala kang kahati.”

“Ang daming dahilan para hindi kita mahalin. Pero may isang dahilan para ‘di ko magawa yun. Mahal kita. Yun lang yun.”

“Ang kunwari, pwedeng magkatotoo kung gusto mo.”

“Ano ang panalangin mo? Ang magkita tayong muli?”

“Another gold digging queen? Who’s your newest whore?”

“Are you falling in love with me?”

“As long as I am alive, you will never be promoted to wife.”

“Because you deserve someone better.”

“Because you know, if you want it, you can have it back.”

“Cause you slept with another man and you had a son. And everyday, I remind him of your sin.”

“Gusto kong maniwala na he died a happy man. He wasn’t perfect but he was a good man.”

“Have I told you how much I hate Thursdays?”

“He keeps on doing that to you because you keep on forgiving him.”

“Hindi mo malalaman na may kulang hanggang walang darating na mag-pupuno.”

“I bet you. I’m a damn better lover.”

“I can’t. When I married him, for better or for worse… I love him.”

“I didn’t raise you to turn your back on me when I need you most. You ungrateful, boy.”

“I live to disappoint you, father. It’s my greatest joy.”

“If only you will let me. If only you will choose me.”

“I’ll never give you the pleasure of calling me a loser every single day.”

“I’m getting tired of flirting with you. I love you.”

“I’m not expecting you to say it back. Gusto ko lang maramdaman mo na mahal kita.”

“I’m not giving up. Have coffee with me.”

“I’m working hard not to be a perfect man but a good man like the way my father was.”

“It’s Thursday. It’s the day of the week that hurts me… He is with her every Thursday, every fuckin’ Thursday fuckin’ her.”

“Kung gusto, maraming paraan. Kung ayawa, maraming dahilan.”

“Kung mabuhay man ako ulit, I’ll make sure I’ll never hurt you again.”

“Kunwari hindi J.D. ang pangalan ko. Kunwari hindi ako anak ni Rico. Kunwari maayos lahat sa mundo, anong makikita mo?”

“Layuan mo ang asawa ko. Tagalog na yan para maintindihan mo.”

“Let’s not complicate our lives. Take a shower and go home.”

“Mahal ka ng daddy mo. At masasaktan siya kung gugustuhin mong makilala na anak ka ng ibang tao.”

“Makukuha ko dahil gusto ko. Gusto ko talaga.”

“Maybe that is the reason why I have to die para hindi na kita masaktan.”

“Mistress. Wardrobe mistress. Yan yung tawag sa mga babaeng master cutter.”

“Naniniwala ka naman na age doesn’t matter, diba?”

“Oo. Limang taon. Limang taon na kuntento lang ako sa kung anong meron kami ni Rico. ‘Di ako nagreklamo. ‘Di ako naghanap… Tapos dumating ka. Nagsimula akong magtanong.”

“Release your fears, Sari.”

“Rules? Ganun ba talaga relationship niyo? Covered by rules?”

“Sa buhay ko, dalawang beses lang ako na-in love. Kaya naiintindihan kita. Anak nga kita. I loved you the moment you were born… the moment you looked at me with your big eyes. That moment, I knew you were mine. I love you. Please forgive me.”

“Siguro sa kunwari nalang natin pwedeng mahalin ang isa’t-isa.”

“So the next time you call her a whore, I’m going to hurt you so bad so you can’t say those words again. Ever.”

“Stand in the corner.”

“This is not about what you can or cannot do. It’s about what you should do. Kayanin mo.”

“This my dear is your gift to me. Don’t worry, mas mura pa ‘to kesa balak mong iwan sa kabit mo.”

“Walang babaeng pinangarap maging kabit.”

“What are you trying to prove? You want to get even with me by stealing my woman?”

“Yes, I am Mrs. Torres, the wife and the mother of the two men willing to kill each other for this bitch.”

“You enjoy being some old man’s little secret.”

“You look like a prostitute than a caregiver.”

“Yung Thursday na finally sasabihin mong gusto mo ako maging Mr. Everyday.”

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