Perfect Gold Wedding Shoes

Choosing the best, call it perfect wedding sandals/shoes, is a serious topic for a bride like me. Being some kind a shoe fanatic for years, I don’t take this matter lightly. I searched high and low at department stores, trendy boutiques, and even surfed online for hours to find the ONE. After all, it will be the trusty pair that I’ll be walking down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams and of course the shoe that I pose pretty in photos with.

So, I decided to think about my perfect wedding shoe requirements:

  1. A high heel that will go magnificent with my wedding dress.
  2. Sparkly and gorgeous as the bride will be on her wedding day.
  3. Something whimsy with a touch of glam that would go with the wedding theme “Whimsical-Romantic”.

After all the searching, here is a glimpse of my ever lovely and glam pair.

Perfect find!

Perfect find!


About PrettyGee

Gee is a gal from Philippines who’s so girly. She is a typical blogger, a frustrated photographer, an aspiring designer, a traveler and a dreamer. Let her take you to her colorful and zesty world as she randomly unravels her feats, interests, passions, and dreams in life :-)

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