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Welcome to PrettyGee.wordpress.com. Thank you for taking interest in visiting this site.

PrettyGee.wordpress.com is all about the little scoops of life that are delightful, inspirational, homemade, crafty, savvy, fun and lovable! This is a personal blog with tidbits of fashion, travel, inspiration, photography, recipes, beauty, with some randomly injected anecdotes about life in general and anything that catches the writer’s interest.

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♥♥♥ Live… Laugh… Love ♥♥♥

I’m Gee, the person behind this blog. I’m a typical blogger, a frustrated artist, an aspiring photographer, a chance traveler and an endless dreamer. Parenthetically, I also happen to be a beauty junkie, outrageously attracted to hair/skincare, make-up and all things pretty. As a woman, a wife, and a mom, I always make the effort to look pretty and fabulous because it feels good. Thus, this blog has been named as PrettyGee.

For questions, messages, comments, violent reactions, you may leave a comment or shoot me a private message at  LiveLaughLove.by.Gee

  1. comment…

  2. nice blog..its so colorful and cute.

  3. Hi Gee, it’s good to find someone I know is already blogging in wordpress.com. I have read some of your post and I know you’re quite busy, but seeing you still have time to blog is great! I’m also starting up a blog to teach anyone who is interested to use their internet time on earning extra income while having fun surfing and visiting social networking sites. Hope you can visit also my pages @WordPress.com or @Blogger.com. Thanks

  4. Hi Gee! Pretty pretty site like you! 🙂 loving your pictures and travels! Thank you for sharing them!

  5. hello, girl, i did some articles about blogging tonight and was kind of frustrated on how i could write something without any idea about such, then i thought of Jay’s link to his blog posted in our group….i did visit here before but don’t have the time to really read your stuff here…so, i fervently went over to fb and search for jay’s link and finally i was able to make 4 articles about blogging…thanks to this site and jay’s…it gave me some ideas on how blogging could be:) though i have wanted so much to make my own blog site but have no time to really sit on it and do the hard work….i love your site…it’s so trendy, love the colors, design, the blogs, and the photos:) hope i could do some guest blogging here sometime…hehehe….:) wish you could give me some tips too on how to start my own (alms, your asking too much!:)….saw that your big day is 4 more months to go….im happy for you both, congrats!:)…..hope i’ll be invited hahahaha:) take care and God bless!!! muah:)

    • Hi Alms, all I can say is thanks for your inspiring comment. Hehe. I’m so glad you were able to visit our site. Actually, I don’t have specific topics discussed here, just anything that I may be interested or got my my insterests — just musings as to speak. Just write what is in your heart, ratch. Anyways, goodluck and tagae ko sa imo site. Hehe

  6. Thank you Gee for stopping by and liking my photo post.

  7. thanks for visiting me! I look forward to checking out your blog! Gail

  8. We have similar interest and blog about similar things 😉 I’m glad you liked my post so I got here. High five gurrrl 😀

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